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Since its official launch in 2016, the Jannarelly Design-1 has received warm reviews in the international press and on social media. The journalist-testers were particularly impressed by the pleasure they felt at the wheel. The car’s lines have been praised by the fashion and design media around the world.

Its for people who want to feel rawness every inch of their drive, but at the same time they want a little bit of luxury. You can have the car that looks perfect park to the side of the street, the one that will excite you even at 60 miles an hour.

Alex Goy

It’s just a sensational car. It’s the most engaging car I’ve driven in a very long time. Believe me on a sunday morning it will give you a thrill like no other car in its price point. It is supercar territory for sports car money and I think that’s just a hugely impressive trick to pull off.

Peter Greaves
Pretrol Ped

This car has the charm of an old car with the technical aspects of a modern car. A typical 1960s design to die for. And a neo-classical feel that we really appreciate, fully customisable. The driving pleasure is absolutely pure. No driving aids, just a steering wheel, four wheels and an engine... And one hell of a face!

Bruce Jouanny
Top Gear France

The Jannarelly Design-1 just offers something that modern cars don’t. It just puts a big smile on your face. The steering is very precise if you push it around the corner there’s not even a hint of understeer. It just gives your such a raw drinving experience which is my book such a nice thing in this modern world that we live in. You don’t get those drivers aids that we’ve all become so familiar. This six-speed manual gearbox makes such a lolely change. This is just you and the car.

Paul Woodman

I wanted to tell about its incredible acceleration, about the technicalities of its tubular frame, about the robustness of its double-arm suspension on all four wheels. But the only thing that matters is how much you can get excited about the simplicity of the relationship between you and its mechanics. And ultimately the effect it has on the asphalt driving pleasure that comes from afar for journeys that smell of adventure.

Marco Pascali

"Everything about this car is responsive. You know exactly what it is doing by feel, and that’s what it does. It talks to you."


"The Jannarelly Design-1 makes so much noise, it can probably be heard back in 1963."


"The Jannarelly then sounds like one of those million-pound 1960s racing cars you see at the Goodwood Revival."


"The Jannarelly Design-1 is a gorgeous, lightweight, anti-hypercar."

Road & Track

"While modern cars aren’t rubbish, they are boring. La Jannarelly Design-1 is as a kind of antidote to this."


With so little weight to push along, the Design-1 positively hurls forwards in the lower gears, almost overwhelming your senses with introduction, exhaust and wind noise and responses to the ground underneath. Most importantly of all though, the Jannarelly Design-1 is a genuinely good sports car that does things a little differently to the cars we’re most familiar with but also stands comparison with them. The back-to-basics, road-going sports car isn’t dead yet, it seems.

Antony Ingram
Evo #276 August 2020

If you never enven got a chance to drive Jannarelly’s new Design-1 sports car, you could drive plenty of entertainment from watching others get used to the quirks of entry, operation and exit, and a further layer of enjoyment from their reactions immediatly after a drive. You emerge from every drive slightly frazzled, but also energised, in much the same way as you would from one of the more potent Caterham Sevens. The Design-1’s mission statement is effectively that of a more exotic, more touring-capable Seven but otherwse offering similary involving and exciting driving manners.

Antony Ingram
Evo #279 November 2020

My drive was on wet and partially flooded roads [...] yet, contrary to my expectations, the Design-1 was brilliant. What it did so cleverly was demand your undivided involvement in the process of driving, but without doing it through the usual homemade car ploy of being utterly incompetent [...] The car is accurate and poised, has excellent traction and no nasty characteristics I could uncover. You get involved because it makes you want to get involved, not because you don't have a choice.

Andrew Frankel
Motorsport #1135 April 2020

More visceral than a Jaguar or Porsche but less compromised than a Caterham or Atom, Jannarelly seems to have located a sparsely populated niche in an otherwise saturated market. That doesn't disqualify the other options available for the same money, but precious few tick the same boxes - or offer the same exclusivity - as the Jannarelly does.

Dafydd Wood

As the years go by, cars become more and more pragmatic, even boring. Fortunately, some young enthusiasts still embark on crazy projects. In the case of the Jannarelly Design-1, it's a contagious madness, a real little car designed to please the eye and the driver. The Design-1 offers good performance, but its driving pleasure is incomparable. A true old-school sports car! With no ABS or ESP, you have to be at one with it.

Simon Potée-Gallini
M6 Turbo

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