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Created in Dubai in 2016, the Design-1 car immediately found its audience around the world. To take it to the next level, Anthony Jannarelly has teamed up with businessman and driver Guerlain Chicherit in spring 2023.

Anthony Jannarelly is a car designer who styled the supercars for W Motors, the Lykan and the Fenyr Supersport. He also designed the upgraded off-road Zarooq Sand Racer, for which he joined forces with Frederic Juillot, car lover, custom boat manufacturer and expert in composite materials. 

Passionate owners of a Caterham and a Donkervoort, the two men share an admiration for simple cars with a strong personality and for the 60’s-era motoring ingenuity and lifestyle. So they partnered in 2015 to create the new brand Jannarelly focused on automotive emotions. 

In 2019, Alexander Lee joined the passionate team and was appointed CEO. As the former CEO of Singer Vehicle Design, Alexander Lee, brings considerable experience as an entrepreneurial chief executive to Jannarelly Automotive. With more than 20 years’ leadership experience in the automotive and technology sectors.

In 2023, Jannarelly enters a new era of automotive excellence under the leadership of Guerlain Chicherit, an influential figure in the automotive industry, renowned for his competitive successes (five stage wins in the Dakar Rally; World Rally Raid Champion in 2009). The combined strengths of Anthony Jannarelly and Guerlain Chicherit will enable Jannarelly Automotive to reach new heights of excellence, benefiting from production relocated to France and the addition of new engineering and manufacturing skills.


Anthony Jannarelly complete a Master of Art in Automotive Design at Coventry University and starts his career in the jewellery market, before moving onto yachts.


Anthony Jannarelly become design director for W Motors (the first supercars manufacturer in the Middle East) where he lead on the design of the Lykan Hypersport and the Fenyr Supersport.


During a plane journey, Antony Jannarelly starts to design his dream vehicle: a back to basics tribute to the sports cars of the ‘50s and ‘60s, with a bit of glamour.


Production of the first prototype using components developed and built in-house, with the exception of the the naturally-aspirated 3.5-litre V6 engine borrowed from Nissan.


From prototype to production in just a matter of months is a huge achievement: the first Design-1 is now in its happy owners hands in France, and the second is expected in New-York!


More than 40 models have been manufactured and delivered all over the world, in a wide range of colors and variations: aeroscreen, windshield, targa, hard top...


Following the takeover by the Impact Group from Guerlain Chicherit, production is relocated to France and new engineering and manufacturing skills are added.

Creation, savoir-faire and technology

Among the few French automotive manufacturers, Jannarelly stand out with a desire to produce an elegantly-designed and hand-crafted automobile. Something simple, luxury and artisanal, in step with our times. Each car is unique, built to the highest standards by passionate craftsmen and women, made using high-quality materials like aluminium, carbon fiber and leather

Environmentally and socially responsible

Everyone at Jannarelly is looking to the future with a strong desire to draw inspiration from the past, while involving innovation and technology at the heart of the brand identity. We minimise our environmental impact by optimizing our manufacturing processes (water and electricity consumption, waste generation) and the operation of our vehicles (emission of greenhouse gases from gasoline combustion).

Beyond caring for the environment, our sustainability approach includes a commitment to our employees, our suppliers and our customers. We want everyone to be proud to work for Jannarelly Automotive!

Even if we don't intend to change the world of mobility, we are determined to maximise the pleasure of driving our cars, while minimising their impact on the environment. This involves small gestures, manufacturing processes and technological choices.

Guerlain Chicherit

Our expert team based in the French Alps

Anthony Jannarelly

Founder & Designer

Guerlain Chicherit


Alexandre Bol

Managing Director

Marine Botta

Event Manager

Fabien Gayraud

Technical Director

Julien Hergault

Communication Manager

Pierre-Marie Terrier

Sales Manager

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